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What I am working on now.

I will let my readers know how things are coming on my WIPs

1 Night Stand--WIP.

*This is not my picture. This is a picture of model Joshua Kloss. I just wanted to add some man candy* :)

Right now I am working on a short story that I plan to submit to Decadent Publishing's 1NS series in the near future. 

This is how I see the main love interest Michael.

Basic Premise:

On the 2 year anniversary of her husbands death, Jordyn decides to do something a little crazy. She types the words "1 Night Stand" into her Google and clicks on Madame Eve's site. After filling out the information, she gets an e-mail telling her a time and which hotel to go to.

When she arrives, she is handed a note that explains that she is 2 years in the past and her date is her husband.

Now she has a chance to say all the things she never got to tell him and apologize for their fight.

Outlining Sultan of the Sands. Sequel to South Sea Siren.
Update: We have begun writing the story and we're playing with the name. Slave to the sands sounds a bit more accurate to this story.